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By: hadwan hakimi abdul karim asri

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Zzz Zzz Zzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hari ini saya nak berkongsi dengan semua gaya-gaya tidur yang telah saya amalkan. Mama dan babah selalu ambil gambar waktu saya tidur. Sebab tu macam tu je pesen tidur saya. kalau saya tahu diorang nak ambil gambar.. dah tentu saya tido gaya akrobat ke.. gaya kucing ke.. Gaya yang paling sesuai dengan saya adalah gaya "pemalu". Gaya pemalu ni sbenarnya senang diamalkan. Cuma letakkan tangan anda menutup muka ketika tidur agar taik mata dan air liur yang ada tidak jelas. Anda masih lagi boleh control macho dengan gaya begini. Cuba tengok gambar2 saya ni.. tido pon masih kontrol macho. Macam ni la saya tido.. Awak plak tido macam mana????

Tuesday, 25-Dec-2007 14:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
pertama kali ku melihat dunia

4 april 2007- marks
my 1st cap
me.. trying to open my eyes
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this entry is a special remembrance of ME on da first day i was born. There was a mark on my head. Doc had to use forcep (dunno how to spell) to pull me out. Dunno why I'm so stubborn at that time. Maybe I just testing the Doc's capability. HEheheh..

the very next day, my babah already bought me a cap.. very nice cap.. and i felt like I'm a superstar as all relatives who came to visit me can't resist my charms and want ME to be in their galaries of memorial pictures. Well, I dun have the voice to say no yet.. I'm very happy and sleepy... You can see that some of the pic, I cant even open up my eyes.

Well.. enjoy viewing.....
Till then.. me Hadwan Hakimi sign off

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Lets have a breakfast...

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It is Sunday... I'm at my granny's house. As you can see, I'm enjoying my breakfast. ME with my uncle Shy having a really good time this morning. He even force me to show the PEACE sign. It's hurt la uncle Shy ... I assume uncle Apet can be a good photographer.. He's been clicking the camera all the time.. Makes me feel like a STAR.. ahahaha...
to all my fans out there (actually only my uncles and aunties).. watch out for my next entry..

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From The Eyes Of The Future Thinker...

Its Me..
It's all started 8 months ago..I came to this world at 3.59 pm on 4th April 2007 ..On that day I cried for the first time when the doctor pull me out..Poor my mama..Now she has a scar on her bikini line..I've gone through the days of my life for the past 8 months and can't wait to tell you all.With this,I hereby launch my own fotopage,dedicated to my love one.Let the stories begin...


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